Glenda Kroll

Discover Your True Self

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To truly know yourself is the most important skill you can ever possess. When you know who you are, you know what you need to do, instead of looking for permission from others to do what you already know you … Read More

Gratitude is there a cost?

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  The world is full of pain and suffering, hardship and turmoil, disappointment and regret. So the fact that I can be thankful and mean it, is a miracle.   I’ve learned there is a responsibility that comes with privilege. … Read More

Coping with Divorce

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Divorce is generally a stressful and unsettling event. At minimum, a major relationship is ending, all sorts of routines are upset, and in the midst of the stress of transition there are legal hoops to jump through before things can … Read More

Solving Problems

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Success is simply solving problems. There are all kinds of problems: business problems, family problems, personal problems, financial problems, emotional problems. Everybody’s got a list of problems. Problem-solving is where enterprise comes from. It’s how you build worth and peace … Read More

Easy Ways to Improve Your Life

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As the year begins its time to get off the fence and start to do something differently that you haven’t done before. Remember insanity is – “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein. Make the finish line … Read More

Essential Career Lessons

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To the best mentor I’ve ever had, I’ve been fortunate to have had great supervisors, managers and mentors throughout my career, but one in particular insisted that I be myself. I was taught that I not only had the confidence to do … Read More

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