Life strategizing is a process in which I will help you improve your life, whichever way that may be. I will be your coach, supporting you in achieving those dreams that you have. In addition, I will ensure you are the controller of your destiny and I will empower you to make the changes you need, in order to enjoy the success you desire. I will give you encouragement, help you with focus, support, clarity and more importantly – self belief

The areas I can assist with:-

Personal Relationships

Image Consultancy

Career Development

Business Success

Anxiety and Stress management

Self Esteem and Confidence issues


First of all, I will give you the zest for life and success. I will empower you.

I help you identify what you wish to achieve, or what your goals are, then together we make a plan, which must be realistic and achievable.

Remember — the plan is yours, as are the goals. You need to own them.

Along the way, I will share techniques and methods that will help you become the success you always wanted to be.

Here are just a few reasons on how I help:

1. We can focus on exactly what you want to achieve
2. With my support you will achieve your goals quicker and save time
3. People at the top of their field all have Coaches— Sports people, Celebrities, Business people, People in the public eye. So, why not you?
4. Success has to be planned and thought out. You need to set yourself goals. But as we know, trying to push ourselves alone is not as effective as having a trained professional, expertly analyzing and                                   promoting your success. Encouraging you along the way.!
5. You can discuss or explore your successes and failures, without being judged
6. I can share different ideas with you and make you more accountable

Face to Face

This is the traditional client – coach situation. I will sometimes use aids such as Questionnaires or Document cards in our sessions.

But generally, we will spend time speaking with one another, planning, focussing, setting goals and working towards achieving those objectives.

Telephone, Zoom or Skype

Some of my clients prefer phone coaching.
Whichever style you prefer. I will offer a bespoke service, tailored to your exact needs and desires.

If you are unsure of what may suit you, then drop me a line at and we can explore the appropriate options.
An initial FREE 45 Min. Discovery call via Telephone, Zoom or Skype
During this time we discuss where you are currently in your life and where or what you want to achieve.


I abide by the ethics of Client-Coach privilege. This means whatever is discussed in my sessions, remains private. This includes my phone calls, my notes and my emails.

Under the data protection act, I do not divulge any information to any third party, unless I am obliged to under the law.

Similarly, some clients contact me as they would like privacy and to be discreet. I guarantee, 100% discretion.

Are you ready to make a quantum leap?

No matter what you want to change in life, the process is the same. I can help you navigate this process. Together we identify what matters most to you, what has been limiting you, and we design a personalized action plan to help you move forward. Most importantly, I keep you accountable for taking aligned action to stay on track.

I can help you with:

Career, Work, Business
Improve career satisfaction
Transition to a online career
Start or grow your business
Learn how to Brand Yourself

People and Relationships
Increase emotional intimacy
Learn effective communication
Cultivate support networks

Emotional and Physical Well-being
Eliminate worries, stress and anxiety, Dealing with Divorce
Lose weight and gain energy
Develop healthy habits

Personal growth
Improve self-esteem and confidence
Add more play, adventure, creativity to life
Realize your true potential.

Private Coaching
If you are committed to your personal growth, you are open to new perspectives, and you are ready for things to be different, this is the fastest way to achieve your desired results.


Welcome to the  G.K Methodology to Personal Power…Heal Your H.E.A.R.T., Harness Your Power & Reclaim Your Power!!

I will not enforce a ‘formula’ on you because everyone has a unique path. Each coaching session is different. I combine ancient Eastern wisdom with cutting-edge coaching and healing technologies to help you align yourself with your truth and highest path.

New clients usually start with the 3-month package. We will meet on Zoom or Skype.

Bronze 3-Months Getting to Know Your True Potential

In the first segment of this course we touch on these area’s to start you to make a goal.  To set you up for success we need to dive into these areas,  Clarity, Setting up for Success, and Self Worth you will have the basic frame work to start to move you forward.

Get Clarity: on who you are and get clarity on what you want in your life.

We look at what is blocking you or why you procrastinate, self sabotage, perfectionism or other behaviour patterns that stop you from moving forward.

Silver  6-Months Establishing Your True Self

This is a 6 month program where we dig deep and work through the 5 steps to ESTABLISHING YOUR TRUE SELF

Get Clarity: on who you are and get clarity on what you want in your life.,  Set up for Success:  Start by looking at your habits and get clear on the habits that are sabotaging you. Self-Reflection: Look at food in a different way, movement, and your body, Self-Worth: Get through self doubt, fear, and take action towards your dreams.

Gold Premium 12-Months Creating the Life of Your Dreams

1 Year Program to diving deep into your mind, heart and build yourself strong. By the end of this program you will create a business with branding that will definitely move your life forward.


Let’s Talk and Tell me a little About You

Are you ready for a big change? Let’s talk.