Essential Career Lessons

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To the best mentor I’ve ever had,

I’ve been fortunate to have had great supervisors, managers and mentors throughout my career, but one in particular insisted that I be myself.

I was taught that I not only had the confidence to do my job and do it well, but also the ability to elevate my thinking outside of my own business—to become a business leader and stop being in my own way. Thanks to you, I stopped thinking about the “success” I had attained but I had only scratched the surface of what could be beyond that.

Thank you for teaching me the most valuable lessons of my career and I am here to share them with you today.


1. Always be a badass.

Everyone told me to bring my best self to work.

Do not conform to preconceived notions of what that job would be like. Be yourself and address challenges the way you see it,  rather than the way others would expected me too.  At times it’s important to rock the boat when deemed necessary.

It didn’t matter if I came from a different background or what my age was.  I didn’t have to apologize for myself or my ideas.

2. Keep your sense of humour. 

I was told to always kept things light. No matter how heavy things became, have fun at work. Remember we are part of a  team.   Sometimes we need to blared music in the boardroom, danced on tables, wear silly outfits. We didn’t just do that for the fun of it,  we did it because the odds were constantly stacked against us and we needed the reminder that things were not as dire as they seemed.

Work is work, but life is more important. Sure, we are all professionals, hard-charging and committed. We are here to pursue aggressive goals and timelines, and we are here to help each another be accountable. But no matter how heated the situation becomes, this is a reminder to enjoy the ride.

3. Provide real criticism. 

Never be to judgmental.  If a mistake is made, that is the gold nugget that caused us to grow even more. But  never make it personal. Never screamed or pointed fingers. We work together to make it better.

A good mentor will get to know their clients.  So that when you’re not on your game, they will realize that maybe that day you just need to talk.

4. Give instructions and step back. 

The reality is that I’ve had bosses in my life that liked to micromanage.  Instead, you and others were hired to do a job, give what is needed and get out of the way.

Your Mentor is here to be your advocate, to help remove roadblocks and help fight when we needed a little extra muscle. It should feel more like a partnership than an employer-employee relationship.

5. Embrace work-life balance. 

At times we need to worked late nights and weekends because our job is to ensure the business survives. Despite the stress, it is  important to encouraged work-life balance.

Even during those harder working days, remember to eat healthy snacks and exercise even at your desk to avoid getting stagnate. It is important to take work-life balance more seriously than ever.

My philosophy of “health and family first” continues to inform the way I live my life and lead my clients.

I hope that I can continue to inspire you all, even from afar.  To my friends, family and clients….  I hope to be the same kind of mentor to my clients that this particular mentor has been to me.

I hope these points are a good indicator of what business and life should be…

Want to learn more?  Let’s talk and figure out how 2019 can work to be your best year ever!

–to success

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