3 Ways to Change Your Life

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“Fail fast; learn fast.”

The same basic learning curve confronts every person.   No one grows by repeating the same things—only by stretching themselves to build new “muscles.” It takes a series of first-time situations and unfamiliar challenges to teach you what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Fail fast and learn faster, all the while striving toward a purpose-driven goal.

It’s a mantra that we’ve heard repeatedly over the past decade, especially as startup culture has entered mainstream consciousness, but a part of me has always wondered how many of us actually take it to heart. 

In my own career and life, which has included both spectacular successes and failures, I’ve been forced to face my mistakes and grow from them as quickly as possible.  

However, I’ve also seen how easy it is to fall into a rhythm and get stuck in ruts throughout my life.

Fostering the Positive Mindset Inside

Possessing an positive mindset isn’t always so easy.  It just means utilizing your creativity, experience and emotional intelligence to solve problems, learn quickly and spearhead new ideas.

For some people, that does mean starting their own business or creating their own niche, but for others, it means switching companies, reaching for that promotion or pursuing a new career altogether or even changing their life in many other ways.   If you’re considering a career or a change in your life, at times you need to do a leap of faith, take these three tips into account first:


1. Be Deliberate

Some people are great at “leap” innovation: identifying a problem and working to solve it. Some people understand the value of mitigating risk because most are lacking both time, money or confidence.   In the same way, whether you’re considering quitting your job or interviewing for a position that seems slightly out of reach or changing your relationships,  you need to mitigate your risk by mapping your vision against a set of achievable benchmarks.

So ask yourself:  How can I see myself and help see my next big thing? Can I commit time and money into myself each month to develop new skills, do research and further my goals? Sticking to this process gives you discipline, accountability, and enough skills and resources to give you a sizeable advantage. It will also help you fight the impossibly strong inertia that keeps us on the path of least resistance.


2. Learn to crawl first, then walk

I understand the urge to jump toward your goal all too well, but it’s absolutely critical to give yourself a reality check. You don’t want to jump into a decision until you have lined up a plan, so learn to crawl first, then walk.

I always encourage my clients to learn all they can about the area they are transitioning to first.  Reach out and get some real-world experience or speak to people who already have this experience.  From this you can develop instincts and build yourself up.  I can’t stress enough how critical it is to engage with people who have been were your looking at go.  


3. Run when you’re ready

Once the time is right—you’ve built up a solid network or working with a coach fostered important soft skills, done the proper research, etc.—you can finally run toward that goal you’ve been striving for.

This same formula is how I was able to successfully move forward in my professional life and also my personal life.  I always sit back and strategize my goals before moving forward.  Once I decided it was a good idea, I crawled toward it by exploring possibilities with asking the right questions to the right people.   When I have learned enough,  I move forward first in tiny steps and I go forward I sprinted toward making it a reality.  

I believe in empowering myself in on all levels my personal side, and my business entrepreneur side which is no longer a profession—it’s a way of being.  I set out on my own career transition from entrepreneur to educator so that I could teach and inspire people to take action on their lives and allow them to build themselves up to be strong within themselves.  


Remember:  Self + Health = Wealth    You, too, can pursue your next goals in your life by applying the lessons of visioning your future and making it into reality.


How can I inspire you to take action in Your Life?  

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