Procrastination – Hold on I’ll wait til tomorrow 😳

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Hey so have any of you ever procrastinated doing something?  Even high achievers can end up procrastinating important tasks when they feel overwhelmed and stressed. Although urging yourself to just take action may sound like a good solution, it’s a little like telling a sad person to “just cheer up.” What you need instead is a specific process that works with your psychology as opposed to fighting against it. 😤
👊The Anti-Procrastination Formula
The formula for taking action is simple: Ask yourself, Can I just [insert micro-commitment here]? A micro-commitment is something so small and simple that you’ll readily say “yes” to doing it even if you have very little willpower.
For instance, let’s say someone has been procrastinating cleaning his house. He can ask, Can I just take two minutes to clean my desk? 🤔On the surface, it may seem like that wouldn’t accomplish much. However, he will probably notice an internal shift when he steps into action.🕺
Have you ever not wanted to do something, like exercise, 🏋️‍♀️but once you started, you found yourself more motivated to continue? The trick is to not wait to get motivated. Take a small step that generates motivation and then continue to ask yourself, Can I just do a little more? 🧐
When you apply the ultimate anti-procrastination formula, you may notice an immediate transformation, or momentum could build over several weeks or months. 😄Either way, the key is to get started today by committing to something you are guaranteed to say “yes” to. All you have to do is recall the three magic words: Can I just…….? 🗣️
Now, pick one ☝️thing you’ve been procrastinating, implement a micro-commitment that will give you momentum and then watch what magic happens as your seemingly small successes generate your biggest breakthroughs.
– to success
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Click on my link and get started 👊NOW… 

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