Tips to Starting a New Business

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At one point most of us think about starting a business.  I believe we all have the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us.

You can start a business with a limited budget and a very short turnaround time. In fact, you can start a business between the time you wake up in the morning and the time you go to sleep that night. You just need a list of resources and tools, and a lot of focus.

There are a few things that will make it easier to start a business and scale it quickly. First, it will help if you already know the type of business you want to build and have a basic understanding of the target market you’re seeking. It can also help if you choose a service-based business, such as a marketing firm or consultancy, rather than one that specializes in products. Product-based businesses require prototypes and plans for manufacturing and distribution, which can take time to set up. However, if you already know the types of products you want to sell, or if you want to open a retail shop or an e-commerce site, it can be done as long as you know where to find the products you plan to sell.

So, are you ready to start a business? This handy list can help. From start to finish, you’ll see the steps you need to come up with an idea and bring it to fruition, giving you the foundation you need to grow a thriving business in the days that follow.

In the next coming weeks we will dive into each section and I will help share with you the  tools and resources to move you forward.

1. Come up with an idea.

2. Conduct thorough research.

3. Choose a business name.

4. Identify your target audience.

5. Decide on a location.

6. Buy a domain.

7. Get web hosting.

8. Build a website.

9. Set up phone service.

10. Set up a customer database.

11. Generate leads.

12. Create a social media presence.

13. Apply for appropriate licenses.

14. Open a bank account.

15. Invest in accounting software.

16. Create a marketing plan.

17. Write a business plan.

18. Get funding.

19. Protect your products.

20. Get a logo.

21. Consider insurance needs.

22. Decide if you need help.

It will take more than a day to fully build out your new business, but these steps are a great guide.  Once this is set up, you’ll show up for work ready to move forward with so many things already in place.

Let me know if you’re ready to move forward?  Building your business also means that you are building yourself.

– To Success

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