Tips to Succeed in the Business of Life

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Here are Tips to Succeed in the Business of Life

1. Get predictable

Doubt over predictable income scares too many people from joining the You Economy. This weekend, take time to sketch a plan to keep checks rolling in from the same clients at regular intervals.

2. Follow your mind

Exercise your curiosity muscles. During a break in work, allow yourself to go down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, clicking links to new pages and learning about things you didn’t even know existed.

3. Scare yourself

Plan to do something that freaks you out a little bit. Whether it’s something death defying, like skydiving, or makes you anxious like speaking to a stranger on the train, push your boundaries.

4. Log your hours

This month, keep track of how many hours you work and what you got done. There’s nothing wrong with putting in a lot of time at the mine, but if you see lagging results, you’ll know when to recharge.

5. Find a buddy

If you have a health goal in mind, enlist a friend or family member to join you on your quest today. Accountability partners make the road to success not only easier, but more enjoyable.

6. Be kind

Poor self-image can be deflating, and it starts with telling yourself you aren’t good enough. Tonight make a short list of acts to remind yourself of the good you brought to other people today.

7. Think ahead

You’re going to be old one day!  But you get to decide when. Look at all your habits and food cravings. Pick out two bad ones and make a plan to scale back and replace them with better alternatives.

8. Say thanks

Our relationships shape us. This week, schedule time to reach out to someone close—a friend or family member—who you don’t speak to enough. Share a laugh and a thank you for them being in your life.

9. Fix it

Often enough you’ll encounter a status quo that just doesn’t work right or isn’t fair. Make it your mission to not complain about it. Instead, think of a way you personally can create change.

10. Treat yourself

Happiness is a choice. No matter how packed your schedule is, pick out two hours this coming Saturday that are just for you. Take yourself on a date—do only things that you absolutely love.

Its time to give yourself “self love”, yes you deserve it.

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