Ways to Stay Productive Under Pressure

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As things happen in our lives, we sometimes lose our focus and or drive to keep moving ourselves or our businesses forward.  Today, I would like to share with you 6 ways to stay productive when we are under pressure.

1.  It’s always about the result. I have disciplined myself to make choices regardless of how I feel about the situation, so I simply choose what has the greatest impact and do that.

2.  I prioritize by answering the question: What is the next most powerful thing to move my team, my clients, myself and my business forward?  I envision each project as a set of actions. The only way toward the completion of any important project is by accomplishing every single task involved, and the most meaningful thing you can do at any time is think through, complete or delegate the next task on the list.

3.  I make a list. The most important items to complete are at the top. I love putting big check marks as I complete each task. It helps me visualize that things are actually happening.

4.  I focus on one thing at a time and try to knock out the biggest issues or tasks first. Once one problem gets solved, move on to the next.

5.  I find it’s easiest to start my day by identifying what absolutely needs to get done today, and then I do the hardest thing first. After that, I focus on the important but not urgent tasks, like recruiting. I’m with Eisenhower on this one: “There are urgent problems and important problemsthe urgent are never important, and the important are never urgent.”

6.  On a typical day I use a calendar and a to-do list to get my priorities straight. In the event of a high pressure environment, I toss my to-do list routine aside and go into “emergency” mode. I originally experienced this in my first job when I worked in a legal office, the lawyer that I was assisting was always under fire, everything was urgent and done at the last minute.   When we had to go to court, it was all done at the last minute but our “team” and I did it. We kept the grand picture in mind, tapped into our inner reserves, and then just “went with the flow.” I have learned how to summon this modus operandi when needed.

Now I have learned to constantly work with a list and at times have dates to show you urgencies, by following through these 6 items, you can stay more productive under pressure, so the “pressure” does not get to you.

The more more important task to stay productive under pressure, take 10 minutes out of your day and Meditate.  Believe me if I tell you, yes this really works.

Following these steps with not only change your work ethics, it will change your life.

Want to learn more?  Work with me, go to glendakroll.com and book a time and lets me help your life glide with ease.

Let’s work together,  gliding with Glenda 

Begin where you are now and lets move forward.

Here’s to Success!

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