When Is It Time To Put The Oxygen Mask On

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How you start and end your day—and everything you do in between—can predict a lot of things: your attitude, your productivity, your success. Are you paying attention to your routine and the habits you fill it with? Don’t just float through life; be intentional with your time. Start from when you first get up and out of bed in the morning.  The power you have by way of good habits: the food you eat the exercise you do and the things you think.

We are well into the 2019 and I am sure your new years resolution has gone by way of the ……..

When you are flying on a plan and if the oxygen masks drops down we have all been told to put the masks on ourselves first and then help others.  This is telling you its all about you first.  Now is the time to start with you and your health.  When your feeling good, strong, energetic and healthy you can do more in your life, your business and this also is reflected in your relationships.

So do you still have those 20 pounds that are hanging on or maybe worse those few pounds are now 30?

Its time to move forward and get rid of that extra tire!  No wonder your tired….feeling uncomfortable in your clothes…

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” –John C. Maxwell

My friends and some of my clients have had major success with Fat Decimator.  I am sending this to you because its time to take control at something that will absoluytely help you move forward.

Be proactive: The only alternative available is to be reactive. Everyone who moves toward a more productive life does not wait for life to come at them. They go out and make it happen. They know that everything has a proactive solution. You can hope that life will get better for as long as you like. However, unless you do something to back your greatest hopes, not much will change.

Here’s a great question: If you continue on the path you are now on, will your life improve and take you to the level of your dreams? Life will give you what you tolerate and accept!

Whether you are doing business, living your life or both, the most important truth is, in the end, your life will be defined by your daily disciplines. The choices you make! The impact you have! The results you achieve! Your destiny is in your disciplines.

It all starts with YOU.  Yes its about your health and being the best, You can be.  

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